This is the homepage for glinuxsms. Current version is 0.1 (initial release).
Look here for information on further development
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Latest News

  • New Mandrake Cooker RPM, by Julien Catalano;
  • Version 0.2 has not yet been released, due to problems. Please be patient.

    What is glinuxsms?

    glinuxsms is a GNOME2 GUI/front-end for linuxsms, an interesting tool to send SMS to cellphones all over the world.
    With glinuxsms you just write your message and click SEND, no need to get write the full command on a terminal.
    It uses linuxsms as a backend, and its configuration files as well.

    The main purpose for now is to keep it simple and light.

    Why should you use it?

    If you are a GNOME user, then you may SMS message your contacts with a few clicks, no need to launch a xterm to write the full commands.


    Version 0.1:
    RPM (Mandrake), by Julien Catalano: 1) add "contrib" to you packages source 2) type (as root): "urpmi glinuxsms"
    Source Code: glinuxsms-0.1.tar.gz


    Installation is pretty straight-forward. Just type:
    $ configure ; make
    # make install


    Here are some screenshots: [1] [2] [3] [4]

    Wish List

    Though already providing basic functionality, there is some stuff I'd like to see in glinuxsms:

    Technical Notes

    It's being developed with GNOME 2.4, and it's tools. Effort is being made to use libglade, still some problems with connecting signals.


    linuxsms is developed by z0mbie.
    glinuxsms is developed by Nuno Tavares (nunotavares at Logo